Engine Mounts?



Just wondering what the obvious signs of dying engine mounts are? In a previous post, I mentioned a mad knocking sound that I fixed and found that my engine has dropped in the engine bay. Since that knocking is gone, I can now hear a strange airy thudding sound kinda like someone saying "th th th th th th th" (it's really hard to explain and that's the best I can do this early in the morning) constantly while driving. It doesn't seem to happen when sitting idle and doesn't get dramatically quicker with revs although it does get hard to hear it with the exhaust. The whole car has also developed a vibration. Not through the steering wheel, but through the seats, floor and centre console. There seems to be a minor loss in power as well. Any ideas?


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Check each engine mount (3 in total) for splits. The main one will be the o/s engine mount found near your expansion bottle. The n/s gearbox mounts have 2 so spare the load/weight of the engine and box and tend to last longer than the drivers side engine mount.