Elbow question


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I think the AM performance is the most expensive option, but I can believe their claim that divorcing the wastegate from the rest of the exhaust gives better performance... I don't know whether that's actually a noticeable difference though.

I think Bogdan's design is better than Spikey's simply because he can achieve the same radius with less cuts and welds. - Again; I don't know if that really makes is any better.

So if I was in Australia and not going to get reamed on the postage I'd probably buy the AM Performance unit, but since I'm in Europe and prefer the aesthetics of Bogdan's I've put my name down for one of those.


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Ok, thanks for the answer! :-D
I think i look for a used bogdan elbow or i make a custom!
Someone noticed differences with the divorced wastgate pipe?


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If you buy the AM performance one don't be surprised if you have to have the flange (s) straightened. My downpipe had a 0.8mm warp.