Just before i know before i start ripping into them. Do they just pull off or are they fixed or screwed down in certain places?

Fast Guy

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It's a while since I took mine off, but they are held in place by screws, the window winder if you have one, has abit of sprung loaded metal that you need to prise out from behind the winder. When it's all undone, it should just come off, just lift it upwards as it'll be held in place at the top. I can't remember if there's any popper stlye clips at the bottom, but they pull off if there is. You'll then just have any wiring connections left to undo.

Just have a good look round and you'll see what holds it on.


2 x screws at the hinge end of the door
4 x screws along the lower edge
1 or 2 screws in grab handle (1 on drivers side, 2 on passenger side)
plastic trim round door handle
3 poppers under door card at the door striker end


multiplugs to elec windows etc.
I needed to take off the plastic triangle piece aswell. (Where the window frame meets front of door). That just pushes on.

I found it helps if the window is down to do all this.