Door Pod Upgrade


These are the door pods I build. Tried to keep it oe looking.

- The speaker now comes away with the door card rather than being mounted to the door itself. Easier to get rid of the lot drag days and stuff.
- Pulls the speakers out of the door skin to protect them from rain.
- The one shown is for a 6.5-inch speaker, but can be made to fit practically any size.
- Looks cool :D

£140 a pair.

Finished in black as shown. Can finish in any colour of choice, or just primer if preferred.


Very nice ,look the dogs

I would have a set but price is too much for me just to put me speakers in 8)



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Cruise,the pods look very professional 8)
Good job,fella :wink:
If the price comes down a bit,I'm sure you'll get more orders :?


so, is it the bottom piece... does this fit on instead of the current door pocket..

not had my car not totally sure which bit your replacing .looks better tha current speaker mount though..

easy to fit?? so allows bigger fitment speakers for the front then...?

might be interested in a pair...

Sash (azumi)


yeah, the new door pocket is all one piece. I use the current door pocket and mold on the new speaker support/shape and blend this in to the rest of the door pocket.

Using sections of the current door pocket mean that you can use all the same fixings. I add three additional screw positions but its just a simple case of screwing the door pocket on/off like the old one.

I've done up to 6.5inch units, am also doing a double unit (one 6.5inch and a 4inch per door) for a fella in Oz, so practically anything is possible (can go very big like 8 inch if you really want etc, but up to 6.5 mids are prob big enough).

Let me know if you're interested.

Cheers, toby