Dirty oil in inlet pipe


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not sure if i should be worried:? changed the oil and filter recently, but the other day i was checking for play in my turbo shaft, however when i took the flexi inlet pipe from the air filter off, these was a couple of drips of dirty oil drip out of the air inlet pipe..........
my r still has tmic etc running 0.8 bar with exhaust and hks air filter. I know ive been getting some smoke on over run and gear change. suspected turbo but could this be oil coming from the rocker into the inlet pipe??? :cry: should this pipe be totally free from oil? I guess this is why some have the catch tanks. but is it notmal to get some oil in this pipe - if so how much.

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If you've still got the crank case breather connected, you'll get a bit of oil in the inlet pipework; it is supposed to go back into the sump, but if it's quite a fine spray it will get into the inlet.

How was the turbo; if it seems fine it might be that you're getting a lot of oil blowing out of the crank case.
What grade oil did you use?


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using 10 - 40 fully synthetic elf oil however, previous oil was filthy when i got the car and i was stupid enough to top it up woth 5 - 30 once. Not sure how long the oil in the inlet pipe had been there may have been old i hopr judging by the colour of it.

can you tell me how to check all the breathers and where they are. tbh i only thought there was the main rocker breather that goes into the inlet air pipe - about 20mm dia.