D2 coilover

hi boys;)
what do you think about this coilover?
all impression..;)

the kit include the spring with rate 7,5front and 5,3rear..is stiff?
I want mod it with 8,5front and 6,5rear..
what do you think about this set up for track days and road use?
attend your reply



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This has been gone over many times. For the roads in this country, and everyday usage, the original 7.5 Kg and 5.3 Kg rates are too stiff. I have 5 Kg front and 4 Kg rears and they are ok for my needs although, I'd expect they're still too firm for a lot of people. And, I would go softer if I was to do it again.
The 8.5 Kg and 6.5 Kg rates you want, will be horrible for the road and probably make the car handle worse than ever.

Of course, the choice is yours !



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tenfoloten said:
I want a very stiffnes car..
I want a rece car,but I use on the road,too
You might want to stiffen up the car body, before you stiffen up the chassis to that degree. Seam welding, full under body braces, 3 point strutt tower braces and box section around the strutt towers should do it. ;-)
The car will be flexing all over the place as it is. Again, they will be far too stiff.

I want insall whitheline fron+rear strut brace,front under whiteline 4 point and rear whiteline anti-roll bar..and all powerflex bushes

fubar andy

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la scelta molto buona, le primavere dure faranno buono per la pista :) , cattiva sul sulla strada :?

ho gli stessi montaggi
8) ;-)


tenfo chiedi sempre le stesse cose!!!compra questi d2 e falla finita!

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La mia sospensione non ha falla; per 3 anni

Ho specificato le primavere che ho voluta con la mia automobile
str_motorsport said:
tenfo chiedi sempre le stesse cose!!!compra questi d2 e falla finita!
anche te come su nissan people ke mi fai passare x logorroico:D:D

ma come faccio ad averli con un ordine speciale?
io li ho trovati solo con il kit standard delle molle..
ma devo prendere il kit standard e poi comprare le molle a parte oppure devo prendere x forza il kit gia fatto con quelle molle'
Just curious if anyone have used 8kg/mm Fronts and 6kg/mm rears for general road use.
I' know they are pretty hard. My other concern they look really short stroke paired next to my stock suspension.
I just acquired a set of JIC SA-1. Just want to give them a try as i believe they would help a lot with fast sweepers and "wangan" (flat out autobahn driving for u guys in the west). I find my current setup on the rolly side especially on fast sweepers.
But i do whack hard up Mountain passes ( i guess they are equivalent to your B almost C roads) with plenty of hairpins.
Do u think they will be still ok?
I won't know until i really get to test them.
Currently i'm running a set of KYB New Sr with unknown set of slightly stiffer than stock set of springs, castor kit, rear Whiteline bar. Chassis been stitch welded up front and with front and rear strut bars.
Very neutral balance so far.

Or do i really need a set of semi slicks to make the best out of the stiffer coilovers?
Anyway suspension setup is very subjective and depends on people's own personal opinions.
Anyway i just fitted a set of JICs and i got to say i'm very happy and was wondering why i didn't do this earlier.

Spring rates might be 8kgmm front and 6 kgmm rear but i thought they were relatively comfortable. It's taut and firm, but never crashy at the bumps, pot holes low speed.
The faster u drive the hard the damper feels.
Mind u roads in Kuala Lumpur can be pretty bumpy at times.

Haven't the chance to push it to the limits yet as i've not done the alignment but initial experience is good.
Car feels exceptionally planted and neutral now. Needs an lsd and load and loads of mid range shove to get the best out of the suspension....