Coolant/gasket problem


Right so. After a few months i took my car out again for a day on the ice lake. Noticed two broblems: Pressure in the rad and weebit smoke/ coolant from exhaust only when it gets hoter than usually. And it does heat up really quickly. I use cometic head gasket, upon quick search i found that cometic are trouble for some people. I used oem nissan headbolts and tightened to manual spec. Was running 1.4bar boost on a 1:8.5 comp pistons. And sice there's no coolant pool underneath the car i asume that the coolant dissapears in to the engine block. Cheked spark plugs and they all seamed to be the same color(coffe brown) exept 4th was a bit lighter. Any idea before i take thead off???

Fast Guy

Staff member
Sounds like it could be the head gasket.

Is the thermostat working? Hose to stat will stay cold alot longer if it's not opening.
Is the water pump ok? That could cause it to heat up quicker, but usually they have a tell tale leak when they're goosed.
I would go for head gasket matey, had the exact same symptons with mine, with a cometic, and the pressure ended up bursting the main water hose at the back of the water pump, down the back of the block.