Contents of a standard GTIR boot.

Nick K

Hi all.
Just building up my gtir interior. What should be in the boot of a standard GTIR. Had a look on the forums can't really find a lot.

I have the following:
Carpet on left/Right rear strut
Carpet across rear panel with jack flap thing.
Jack and tools pocket thing sandwiched behind jack against rear slam panel
Plastic lunch box on left boot floor with wood lid thing
Left and right shelf plastics with metal support brackets underneath
parcel shelf
spare wheel and rug cover on it. ( Now does the spare sit on the P*ss due to the raised boot floor or is my spare to big - Came from a N14 sunny 1.4 boot)

Does it have a carpet for the boot floor?



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That's more than is in mine.

I've got:
  • Carpet on each side covering the strut tower
  • Carpet across the floor.
  • Jack wedged under the slam panel (without tools).
  • Left and right shelf supports (with speakers in them)
  • Parcel shelf
  • Spare wheel (when it's in the car) not attached to anything because someone hammered the mount flat.

Clearly I'm missing the toolbox because the carpet doesn't sit quite right.

vss irvine

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The 1.4 wheel might not even fit your car as they were 13" standard.

its a minimum of 14" or the 15" spacesaver gtir's came with ;)

and tool pocket should be in the plastic box. Jack sits itself under slam panel.

Do you have the high density foam blocks to let the carpet keep its shape?
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Nick K

Hi, No foam block. Does that sit in and go around filler pipe and across to level the boot floor for a carpet? Going back to the spare wheel. i take it it doesn't sit flush with the boot floor due to the raised bit for the transmission?


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Sure the spare wheel just sits on the right hand side from memory? sure it wasn't on the piss and sat down fine like in this pick


Nick K

Arr looks like this. Pulsar boot carpet.jpg Without the Nos... 8)

Actually that might be for a wet spray kit
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