Compression quest


Got a few puffs of smoke on gear change and first question is
1. What's the right compression...
2. Engine got or cold.????
3. Car has exhaust, bov, apexi filter
4. Just wanna check as my suspicion is the turbo as it's a bit laggy on boost


Compression on stock motor cold should be between 165 -135 with throttle wide open on testing. 135psi i would expect to see a little smoke out the exhaust in my experience.

Test it cold, just easier.


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My rebuilt engine was 180 psi across the board but normally a healthy engine would be 165-150 in my opinion. Much lower than 150 and I'd be thinking it's rebuild time.



Got 12bar which of I'm wrong is about 170-175 so all good
tappets are Noisy as hell so anyone know where I can get new shims from
ill just replace old ones

The Doc

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You should be so lucky on the shims, nissan don't make them any more...first thing to do is take the rocker cover off and see what the clearences are, sometimes the oil spray bars block and the cams get excessive wear on them so check the cams and rocker pads for scuffing and abnormal wear and witness marks, comp tests pressure wise are a bit meaning less as static cam timing will make the results vary, your looking more for similarity in figures. The only real test is a leak down test.


Not that I know of, plenty places capable if you asked them to make them i imagine, precision shims have them on the shelf though.