charcoal ganister?


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:shock: :shock: you gonna end up with petrol fumes in the car then:shock:

How do you figure that?

All hoses are blocked and they dont run through the car, the one to the fuel tanks underneath.

Been like it for a year and never have any smell of fumes inside or out apart from exhaust.


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ok so hows the fumes getting out of the tank then?>
The little fume fairy comes in the middle of the night and sucks them all out, dont you know anything :doh: :lol:

Not all R's had it fitted anyway, mine hasnt. I think theres a pipe that goes upto the filler neck that must be the vent!


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Would be interested to know the proper do's and dont's for this, cos I would prefer to remove mine! Jimmy, you sort it out, and if you dont pass out from petrol fumes in the next month, i'll copy you! :D

Cant say fairer than that. :D