Car planet white GTI R ?


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Thanks for all the info and posting up the pics, thats the car, interested in seeing if its still about today.

red reading

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It is grant,me and martyn know where it is. and that blue evo was a lad called adi and the car is being built up (it about a mile awy from me) into a proper weapon, flat floor/space frame chassis,kevlar roof and body work etc etc.

b4 hks

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hi yes B4 HKS is still about and is hopefully coming back next summer with its new darton sleeved block ready for the big power again:-D

b4 hks

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still running a new striaght cut box 1-4 the issue was more on getting the block sleeved right in progress

The Doc

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Rumour had it the block failed at over 600hp this the case?.
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b4 hks

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yes the block failed needed the sleeves and yes its got the par gearbox car is still in great shape and condition


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Whos doing your blockout of intrest because a few member might be intrested and its good to kniw some where that has done a proper job?


Loved that car, can you post up some up to date pics of it please :)
I could have posted some up a few weeks back but B4HKS has taken his car home while the block is away. Motor and box is out any way so not much to look at.