can the rev counter be recalibrated


my rev counter has been dodgy for at least the last 10 years..

ignition on and revs jump around . start it up and they sit high and over read on revs and then jump around and max out ..

so stripped it all to bits today and found several dry joints on the circuit board on the back of the rev counter ..
so re soldered the joints and put it all back together .

now when i turn the ignition on it doesn't move it only moves when you start the engine it but the revs read a constant 1000rpm high . think when i removed the pin for the rev counter i havn't put it back in the same place it came from ...

Any idea if it can be recalibrated or is it trial and error with the pin .?


problem is jim the normally all have faults ..
mine had 6 dry joints . works fine now just not accurate .


just connect a datascan or something similar to read true rpm
then remove the plastic cover to clocks so you can access the needles, hold the needle steady and move the dial pin back to its correct position


well ed looks like you have an extra job to do as well as a RR set up session .. will phone you to book in soon