Busted Rear Tein coilover


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I was out driving my gtir today and noticed a banging noise when i was driving on back roads.

i took a quick look under the rear wheel arch and seen the coilover was covered in oil so i take it that the coilover is buggered or is it?

can the coilover be refurbed with new seals?

thanks for any help

red reading

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Speak to pulsarbob as he know's somewhere other than tein to refurb them,I think you may find tien's prices and time they take a bit annoying


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Im not sure what to do.

i was thinking of changing the coilovers for standard shocks and lowering springs because coilovers are a bit harsh for the roads i travel on(in ireland!)

so i mite sell them with that one rear coilover needing sorted


I have had bad experiences with TEIN UK and i would rather buy a new set than refurb. The guy, Chris i think, that i dealt with was a total moron and had poor customer service. Really got the impression he never had a clue what he was talking about.

If your local roads are rubbish then i would go shocks and springs for sure.

vss irvine

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i found that aswell with tein uk, not exactly switched on,

didnt know what a nissan stagea was!!

while we're at it, stay away from leda aswell!! terrible quality of refurb and customer service was non existant, (aka harvey bailey engineering)