bumpsteer kit


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hi i was just wandering if they still are around to buy? i looked on past forms and they brought up companies like powerstation. do thies guys still support this produce? also is there a companiy in japan that makes the same kit? looking at some of the past topics, this mod plus my rear camber bolt (on order now) might be some helpful weapons for Touge in japan. plz any info will help. thank you :thumbsup: !!


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Kirko on the forum used to do a cheaper version. He hasn't been around for the last week or so, so he could be on holiday/working away.


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I pm'd Kirko about bumpsteer kits recently and he is waiting for bearings at the mo. Interesting to hear whiteline do a kit, is it readily available? and how much is it?


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Lionel said:
whiteline do there own bump streer kit for the R now
Unless things have changed I believe they are the original powerstation kits distributed by whiteline.

Again unless anything has changed, Kirko's are better quality IMO and a lot less money.

Both are essentialy just a track rod end kit as the affect on bump steer is minimal at best. Some people sware by track rod ends, some people hate them on a road car. I sit in the middle, its a good mod but don't expect miracles.
Unless he modified things, I've struggled to get a decent amount of ajustment wih Kirko's kits.
There is plenty of adjustment for toe in but I can't adjust them for toe out.
The max I can get is parallel.
Cheers, Ben