bov noise


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i thinks its a bailey bob as for that noise runing strd boost u wouldnt get much ,iv got a forge with a strong spring in it that does the same noise as the intergrale iv also got the blitz supersound that also does that noise,if u hav a bov with a soft spring u wont get that noise


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GTIR-LOZ said:
i thought the standard thrust bearings would not be able to cope thats all i heard:roll:
I heard that kieron had his dick chopped off and now answers to the name 'kiera' but that dosent mean its true does it ;-) :lol:


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I took my Baileys off for the original resirc as the car is definately a little more responsive when changing gear, it was exactly the same with my Ren Turbo aswell, im sure most Dump Valves must leak slightly. Im gonna try it without the recirc as I do like the compressor surge, and I still believe the jurys out on turbos/bearings getting damaged. Also you get louder chirping with an alloy pipe on the air filter run ;).


pulsarboby said:
think the car already has a dv on it lewis, not sure what make though!
once ive tuned it up & serviced it il let you know what the dv sounds like;-)
am phoning dvla today to see what i need to do regarding transferring the private plate, then il crack on and get the car mot'd etc next week for you.
ok bob, top bloke, give us a tinckle when she is ready. cheers mate


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I have a Greddy RS bov, Its not on my car yet. Here it is on a Talon with about 18 psi (he is using his launch control, its not his rev limiter, he is actually hitting 18 psi when he does this.) Sorry, I don't know bar, since I'm Canadian and all.

I think this is the type of fluttering noise you want? The HKS SSQV gives the ever popular screeching noise, I don't know about where you guys live but in Canada every turbo'd car and their mothers has this BOV.