Blue smoke


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Oil ring(s) on the piston(s)?

When it's idling?
When you first take off?
When you're cruising?


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Probably not the valve-stems then; that would be only when you first start it and they've let oil leak past whilst it's been sitting I think.

Oil rings on the piston is a possibility; you'll probably find the compression is fine as those rings are unaffected, but when the manifold is under vacuum (so definitely off-boost) that's when oil could get sucked past them and into the cylinder.

I wouldn't go stripping your engine down just yet though... I'm just taking a guess based on a conversation I had on the weekend.

Have you fiddled with the crank ventilation at all? Any chance it's just putting oil into the air intake instead of returning it to the sump?

pulsar kid

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So a blocked breather it looks like it could be breathing heavy
just odd it's only like 1500/2000rpm then when pull up to lights etc but by time I jump out and check the exhaust there's nothing