blue smoke


The r has been of the road now for a while hasnt been driven more than 100 meteres and in this time i have changed a few things. I have fitted a front mount, air filter relocation pipe, took coil of cleaned it, moved igntion amp of the block, fitted new leads, took the orginal oil seprator of the front and replaced with a single hose, changed oil and a few other bits and bobs anyway started her up today everything good left for about half an hour idling then water temp got up just under half oil pressure 6-7 on start up dropped gradually down to just over two when idiling then let oil temp build up and as it got to about 85 it started to slighlty pop and missfire and started letting out blue smoke everything was fine before i changed everything i took it of the drive just a tiny bit up my road and it cleared let it cool right down then this afternoon did the same could it need a good run out or could it be oil seals on turbo no smoke on start up or anything :(



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I wouldn't worry too much just yet Jay. Give it a really good run and see if there's any smoke whilst on boost. Sounds to me like its just been standing for quite a while.