Blocking off the PCV valve?

Al Mac

New Member
Morning all,

I've recently fitted a catch tank to the breather hose on the right hand side of the cam cover (the one that goes straight back down to the air intake) - am I right in saying that I can now remove the piping that comes out from the PCV and block it all off?

In the absence of one of Steve's bung kits, would it be OK to cut the pipe near the valve and then just block both halves off with a couple of self-tappers until I can get something more permanent/tidy sorted out?




I removed the PCV valve and bunged it with a plumbing blocker offer thing. I removed all the piping around the injectors aswell which was a pain in the rear end, but after they were off i looped together 1&2 and 3&4. Amongst doing a few other things i sorted out my high idle by doing this.