Best panel air filter for standard air box.


Hi, I would like to retain the original air box as I believe it shields the air from the heat of the engine better than removing it, therefore I would like to hear your recommendations for a better high flow air filter. The one currently in is a Nissan part. Are the likes of KN any better or is there an even better product out there? I'm looking for the best.

Thanks all.


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The best in what respect; best filtration or best air flow (or even best value)? - Although they are not mutually exclusive, they are related.

You could also put a cone-type filter inside the airbox, which may be a good compromise.


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I use a cheap arsed Westfil brand (Part code A360 - standard for a number of vehicles), costs the equivalent of about a fiver here in oz and have never failed to do the job.
the major problem with the standard air box is the shape of the box lid, it blocks off about half the filter area, just check the dirty section of the filter you have now.
If you use a panel filter it doesn't matter too much what you use so long as it is a DRY filter, not one of those ones you have to put oil on, the oil will affect the hotwire in your AFM.
Oh, and from what I know about BMC filters is that they are made in Germany and are expensive (I think I have seen them advertised for around the 25 quid mark) and don't appear to be any better then the stock or other alternatives available.