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Paid Membership

The costs:

Membership donations are £20.91 – this is done by annual automatic re billing
(The 91 pence are to cover paypal processing costs)

The benefits:

Forum Upgrade:

you've already had a taster of this, the new location has really helped with connection. we will be supplying new ad-ons such as optional avatars, uploading of avatars onto the site, new smilies, auto refresh, automatic resizing of pictures and avatars, a watch topic list and many more. if for any reason the forum does continue to experience problems we will try another forum software.


we will be issuing each paid member with a '' car sticker (please note these will follow in 1-2 months when we have finalised numbers) we are also hoping to sell other gtiroc clothing and accessories through the forum and at shows/events.

Member only forums:

Members will be able to view all the forum sections that we currently have, however these will be hidden from non-paying members. They will be able to see the forum name but not access the posts contained within. These include;

- General R discussion
- The whole technical section,
- The whole non-technical section
- The traders section
- The buying and selling section.
- Member only discounts - including 15% off with a major insurer
- Member only merchandise

The non-members will have their own general web page to ask all their ‘repetitive’ questions.

Club Events:

We will have the ability to pay and arrange for the pitch sites before the events (JAE etc) to assure a good pitch for our members.

Forum Rules:

All the current forum rules still apply for all members.
We would also like to add that abusive comments will still not be tolerated towards newbie’s. As they are not allowed to view and post in some forums we should not have that problem, however we will not tolerate comments towards them in the newbie sections. We were all new to the car/site at one point and we should be as welcoming as possible to any prospective GTIR.

The word census will be less sensitive but will continue on some of the ‘hardcore’ words.

We will be adding new moderators soon, due to the loss of several mods last year and with the new membership donations coming into effect, we need some new faces to help us deal with the new forum. Therefore, if you see some new mods on the board please be kind.

Where to send your donation and become a member:
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