BARGAIN GTiR BC-Racing Coilovers

Fusion Ed

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Don't know if this will interest any one, Mods if I cant do this just remove it. I have been offered 1 set of brand new with full manufacture warranty GTiR BC-Racing Coilovers..
They are 8/6 spring rate -
RM Series Coilover : Type MH
For Fast Road and Pro Circuit Use
Top Mount Type : Cam PB Front, Pillowball Rear\RM
Rate : 8kg/mm (448lbs/in)
Rear Spring Rate : 6kg/mm (336lbs/in)

Normally retail £899

If anyone here is interested can do them for £630. There is only one set.


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Br's above are road spec 6/4kgmm and have right way up dampers with narrow shaft, edd has the full fat 42mm upside down shock rm 8/6kgmm for sale.
My bad!

out of interest what benefits do they have over the road spec?

is it just a better build quality and higher spring rate