Anyone running a Forge Actuator ?


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Hi all,

Have just got hold of one of these and it has a blue spring in it (well, grey with a blue stripe!). The website rates the spring at 12.5-17psi (0.8-1.1 bar).

Does anyone know what boost pressures you're able to run upto on this spring ? Or what colour springs are people running with and what maximum boost are you running at?

I take it that the blue spring i have will be strong enough to stop the wastegate getting forced open when i'm running 1.6 - 1.8bar using my Profec B controller? (I know a fair few people are running the HKS 1 bar actuator and that seems to do fine at higher boost levels) ? My crappy standard one would only run 1.6 bar max - spring was knackered as was running at 0.9 bar!

Any help much appreciated! :-D :thumbsup:




South Yorkshire Regional Rep
LOL - Yup arrived yesterday morning :thumbsup:

Sorry, meant to text you when I'd got it ! :doh: :lol:

Cheers again geezer :thumbsup:
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i think my one is the blue one and it holds 1.6 bar the springs are only cheap anyway if you need a stronger one carnoisser charged me a tenner for a new spring