Anyone got UK sunny ending VRX ?


Oct 19, 2003
Just wondering whether my mate’s old white Sunny GTI-r is still alive somewhere. Was a J reg ending VRX (won’t put full reg but J4**VRX)

Love to think someone has it tucked away still as I really liked that car.

Interestingly when he bought it the girl he got it from sold her escort cosworth to buy the sunny GTI-r and they were similar money (prob 25 years ago). I remember her then trying to sell the car in exchange and mart and she first put it up for £12,500. This was around the time the imports started flooding in and it just wouldn’t sell. Think my mate ended up paying about £7500 for it.

Was a pretty cool car as even when she bought it the car was already well modified with some interesting parts... charge cooler, HKS bov, HKSboost controller, HKS intake, pacific motorsport exhaust, quick shift etc. Can’t have been many modded like that at the time as it must have been done when it was practically new.

Was actually a pretty crazy thing considering we came from Sapphire cossies with a TIM boost gauge and a k&n! All the Jap parts on it seemed very alien to us.


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Oct 15, 2002
I'm sure I've seen a picture of that car somewhere recently, I'll try and remember where.

I've got a white uk Sunny so been looking around lately to see how many are still about.
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