Another engine rebuild question


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Hello guys,

I was wondering how come there still isnt a sticky thread with minimal rebuild parts requirements, etc etc as I see alot of posts asking about it. Maybe in the FAQ or something.

I am not familiar with engine rebuilds myself but I'm trying to gather as many parts as possible before sending the engine to the machine shop. I have a bad compression on the 2nd cylinder from the left (90 vs 160-165 on the 3 others) so I'm going for the big job.

Here are the parts I have so far:

10101-54C26 - Engine gasket kit
13500-54C00 - Oil pump cover
21010-54C00 - Water pump
13028-53J03 - Timing chain
13070-2J203 - Timing chain tensioner
30531-03E11 - Clutch fork
202-6005 - ARP connecting rod bolts
202-4303 - ARP head studs
NS1-HDSS - ACT Heavy duty pressure plate + street disc (rated 372lbs)
11044R302G - TOMEI SuperGrommet headgasket 88mm/1.2mm

I am also getting:
CP 86.5mm pistons (going oversize) + rings

Is there anything else I need (other than crank and main bearings because I obviously can't measure them before taking the whole thing apart). Are main bolts something that needs to be replaced when you rebuild? If so, should I get 10x 12293-54C00 (main bolts) and 10x 11058-53J00 (main bolt washers)

Thanks for your advice. I seek the smallest downtime possible :)

PS: if someone knowledgeable could write a sticky post with relevant info, I'm sure that it would help many of us! :)


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Ditto, I'm considering a forged rebuild in the not too distant future and as it's my second car I'm gonna be attempting to do almost all of the work myself (apart from where I lack the necessary tools, ie any machine work) I know every rebuild is different, but the absolute minimum parts required/options would be very useful.



Ive recently done my own rebuilt myself. Heres the thread


As far as parts go this is what I got together for mine!!

Arias Pistons 86.5mm
Eagle Rods
ARP Rod Bolts
Oil Pump
Water Pump
Chain tensioner
Full Nissan Gasket Kit
ACL Race Bearings (Big ends and Journals)
Cometic 1.2mm head gasket
Alternator Belt
Power Steering belt
Oil Filter
10/40W Fully Synth Oil
Iridium Spark Plugs

Machine work included a rebore and flywheel skim. I also had the eagle rods machine to use the correct 19mm GTIR bearings.

I reused the head and main bolts, as they are not strech bolts after speaking to a number of people. I didnt make the decision purely on cost, but if there was no need to buy them (£200) then why bother.

I also got my starter motor and alternator reconditioned.

I believe that is as much as you need. Obviously a rebuild could go further. It could include reshimming the head. Any advice just give me a shout.


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Nice one, I've seen your thread, you've done a top job mate.

Hoping to have a little more time to myself soon so can look at making a start in the not too distant future.