Ancillary Hoses


Got a water leak which is coming from the back of the engine somewhere leaking onto the exhaust, can't see exactly where its leaking from nor can i see which pipe is leaking :doh:

So i'm thinking it might be best to replace all the hoses at the back of the engine only I can't find any part numbers for silicon hoses on the forum only oem part numbers,
Rang sfs and samco neither were a great help.

So all I need is the part numbers to order the hoses so i can get the car back on the road before the sun disappears and starts raining :lol:

Fast Guy

Staff member
When one of mine was leaking on to the exhaust it was one of the oil cooler hoses. The only other leak I had on the back at that side was the one with the spring in and you couldn't miss that one.


misread it those are for oem Nissan hoses I have tried to get hold of some silicone recently and most places I tried where saying 4 to 6 week wait