Alternator question


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I tried starting the R the other day and the battery wasnt charging. I bought a second hand alternator a while back but hadnt fitted it due to other stuff I need fixed first. The battery was reading 9 volts and not going up at all whilst started. I put jump leads on from my other car but it was still reading 9 volts. Not taking a charge.

I bought a nice new 80Ah battery this morning. Its still not charging tho. Only reading 12,3v whilst the car is running. Ive checked all the connections to the alternator and checked its tensioned fully. Im gonna check it against my mates alternator as soon as I can. If the problems still the same with his, what else can be causing this apart from a faulty alternator?




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Where does it seperate? I had a look at the pulley and it seemed whole. The pulley was turning when engine was on.

geoff pine

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Its made in two pieces then bonded together with rubber when the bond starts to break down the outer pulley will spin at a slower speed so may not run the alternator fast enough to charge your battery . Scribe a line across both pulleys take it for a short drive and see if they still line up when mine did it i noticed the pulley seemed to wobble .