Alternator - Help! I can't get it off.


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Ok, has anyone got any tips/advice on how to get the bloody thing out?

I've got the adjusting bolt out just fine, and disconnected the leads, but I'll be damned if I can get that pivot bolt to shift.

I've got a few problems:
  • It seems to be 14mm, but I can't get a 14mm ring spanner to stay on it...
  • ...which makes me think it's been rounded by someone having the same problem before me.
  • There isn't enough room to get a socket on it if I want to have a driver on the socekt too.

The bracket seems to be mounted to the block with two bolts; if I take them off can I pull the alternator out with the bracket and then remove the bolt (or replace it if it's knackered? - Is it just the two bolts, or are there more that I can't see (or access)?

It doesn't help that it started to rain shortly after I began with this, so I've made a tactical retreat to dry-out and warm-up before I have another go... hopefully armed with some sage advice.


This is a very awkward job, the main pivot bolt has no head ,its supposed to have a poity tab/locator on it which grips the bracket . I brought a new one from nissan .

Yours has probaly broke like mine did, so you have to disconnect all wiring and lift the alternator up and down to get at the bracket bolts.
It gets heavy after a while, while your fiddling about with one hand trying to undo the bracket lol iirc there are 3 plus one that goes in from the side .


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Just remove it from the adjusting bracket then you can get to the three bolts that hold the other bracket to the block. Theyre 17mm heads on mine but Im not sure if theyre standard. The bolt at the bottom may be easier accessed from under the car.Then drop the alternator down to the ground past the stabilisor bar.


as above
remove the whole thing with the cast bracket, its a doddle that way


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That's what I'm trying to do - I've managed to get the two bottom ones free (plus the one which goes to the pivot), but now I can't get a spanner on the top one. :doh:

I think the pivot bolt is fine... but it's absolutely solid; I've been smashing the alternator with a mallet to get it to move (I don't care that I've broken some of the fins if it's knackered anyway).
I think someone has over-tightened it in the past and rounded the nut... which makes it damn-near impossible to undo again.

I think it's time to try heat.


assuming youve undone the lock bolt for the tensioner then you should be able to pry it down with a crowbar to allow you to get a spanner in at the other bolt.
go find a big bloke to lever it down for you lol

geoff pine

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Hows it going George is it done yet i completely forgot about this as i had to drop the wife off at Manchester airport this morning .


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I swear, this car doesn't run on V-power; it runs on blood sweat and tears. :doh:

I got the old one out by removing all the brackets, and the pivot easily came undone and out (with just a little persuasion).
I got the replacement mounted... and found that the connectors are different. :shock:

The one I got off Ant has a larger connector for the main feed, and the one in my car won't fit it (I'll drill it out tomorrow).
The smaller connector was on a nut on the old one, but will need a bolt for the new one.
The multiplug fits.

I've given-up for the night; it's too cold and dark to keep pressing on. I'm confident I'll be able to finish in the morning.

Of course, if it doesn't work I'll want to kill somebody! :evil: