All those with Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator upgrades



my 2nites mod was to modify my fuel rail and fit a FSE power boost reg with gauge ,
i unbolted and removed the old fuel reg and tapped the hole with a special BSP tap and fitted a fuel line adaptor to accept a fuel pipe ,and installed my new fuel reg just behind the coil , set the pressure to 43psi with vac pipe diconnected ,with the vac pipe connected it drops to approx 30psi .
i have a air/fuel gauge fitted in my car and it runs very similar to before very little change at all.but it dose seem to rev better/smoother

but i have fitted it so when i have my car rolling roaded with probably an apexi fuel controller or power fc ,it can be adjusted to suit and also test and diagnose other possible faults .
( i have a walbro 255 fitted and i had to adjust the fuel down from 6bar due to the fact that it was setup on my other car with a very weak fuel pump in it )



Paul, does this use MAF values as well??? I cant see how it would use the TPS?? If you are at half throttle you could be cruising (closed loop) or on boost?? how would it tell?? Its not a case of open and closed ie. TPS shut TPS open as closed loop is not only used at idle.


p.s. food for thought, word on the street is the FSE etc FPR dont like over 5bar (3.5bar atmos and 1.5bar boost)

p.p.s. sorry for the hijack people.. am quiet interested in gathering info.


opionions do vary quite allot ,and the only real test is on the rollers ,and i had this regulator on my pervious vauxhall conversion running 45psi of fuel pressure and approx 18psi of boost with no problems at all ,and should be the same on my nissan engine ,

my previous setup was running 43psi with no accum pipe and the after market ecu i had was tuned to this setup and just added boost pressure on top ,worked a treat .

there are just some many different ways to achive similar outputs ,i like to be different LOL