after the rolling road

mad max

the car made 381bhp 365 torque the operator said i had a problem with the boost controller a greddy b spec 2 not working well with a apexi ecu is this right or should i get it remapped ? thanks


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It should be fine, loads of people use the profec b with the power fc.

A few questions:

1.Who was doing the mapping and are you confident they know what they're doing.
2.Were they doing it on rollers or road or both
3.Does the fault show any symtoms
4.What's the spec of the car
5.What boost are you running

I actually use the profec b with the power fc and run 1.7 bar and all is ok.


Dooie Pop Pop

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they probably just wanted to sell him something :roll:

playing on your fears is the best trick ever :(

got a dynograph mate??


Still waiting on some shims!
Post up a dyno graph and we can see where you are making and dropping boost...

Can then advise on what to try next...

Also who did the mapping and boost control setup...? PM if necessary...