Adjusting Inter cooler pipeing ???


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After looking at several pic's of other R's engine bay's i have discovered that my turbo to front mount pipe is overly close to the exhaust manifold .

So is there anything i can do to adjust this ?? or is it just that my car has a particularly cheap front mount kit ??

Any help would be gratefully received


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dont need to do that, you can turn the compressor housing on your turbo, just slacken the bolts off and it should move. thats what i had to do with mine, will prob need to remove turbo though.


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mine is exactly the same. ive got the manifold heatshield and lagged the intercooler pipe and the pipes fine a year and a half later. that lagging is good stuff so you can get away with taking the IC pipe off and lagging it out of position and get a manifold heatshield.


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Thanks all for your replies ,
I have bought some heat reflective lagging stuff that will be going on today , and i'll have ago at twisting the turbo :)

Darky the expansion tank is over by the battery .

I don't really like it there but that's how it was when i got it . I looked into moving it to the more normal position , but with my pipe run as it is at the mo it wont fit :-/


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Whoo result !!
I managed to get to the bolts on the compressor housing without removing the turbo - just ,
Twisted it round a little and lagged the pipping for good measure

Loads better , Thanks all :)