Additional breathers for the rocker cover.


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Hi everyone,

I have started on thinking on how to make some addtional breathers for the rocker cover.
This is what I am thinking of (honda guys)

Has anyone did this before?
How do you remove the screens/filters from the rocker cover (as there's alot of silicone over there and not just rivvets)?




Not sure if there is any need tbh,the gtir has 2 good spots to come of the rocker cover already,the pcv valve and the main breather vent.

I will be running -10 lines from these spots to a can with a large filter on top,i will be leaving all stock oil seperater and pipes from the block up to the rocker cover in place.

I dont think you would need any extra breathers unless you are running serious power?


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Hasn't there been a series of problems/failures/damage caused by messing with the oil breather set-up?

If I remember correctly, the issue is that large breathers let the oil escape from the jacket when cornering hard etc and relocate it to the catch can; even if it gets back to the sump it might be too late for some of the components. - Plus, isn't excessive crank case emissions/pressure indicative that something is wrong with the engine? If so I'd look at fixing that problem rather than the symptoms of the problem.

It seems like the only thing worth doing is (as above) moving the pipework to a catch can so that it doesn't fill the inlet side with oil spray. - I can't say I've really looked at it, but most of the high power cars I've seen seem to be setup like this. On that basis I don't even think you need extra breathers for serious power.


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I myself experienced some messy situation.

I have removed the standard catch can and my car almost got onfire due to the oil coming out of the crankcase.

So I'd better leave that alone like it is!

Thanks you guys....