2015 gtiroc calendars?


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Any good?
Going out tonight to try some pics but couldn't get any help so who knows how they'll turn out...



Got a half decent one on weekend and edited it a little to brighten it up a bit.

Original and other.

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I need a couple more and i can start putting it together.. 81 people have read this thread, their must be a couple more pictures out there.

Dan have you got any or can you get the original shot from that mag article ?

This one ?

2 off camera lights, I was experimenting with combinations of ambient light (garage light and also the security light to the right of shot) but I my battery ran out before I could really get into it.

A couple of the other lighting configurations I tried, none of them are particularly great but I'm still getting my head round shooting with artificial light.
I moved the lawn mower out of the way first, didn't think it added anything to the composition :lol:

I didn't really take the pictures for calendar submission (although I am happy for them to be used), it was more to show that with a little experimentation and thought you could end up with a reasonable results even if the car is work in progress (I loosely re-assembled the front end and there's not interior etc.)