£1k re-build?


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Yeah, I know what a blueprint is, I was refering to the pistons, rods etc, so no need to educate me m8 :wink:
I presumed that when he said blueprinted, he meant a rebore/grind etc.
Can't imagine anyone having a bog standard engine blueprinted, or any engine on an 'R tbh.
Bike builders are very keen on it (if you have bucks to spend), but would seem overkill on an 'R


like i said earlier, have you stripped it down, what exactly do you need for a "rebuild" nobody can give an accurate reply without this information.
so yes, somebody is trying to listen.......


i did mine for £1000 but with standard parts no forged pistions etc but i just needed it back on the road :oops:


Why blueprint? Im an experienced engine builder and Ive worked for Nissan for years. If you want a standard engine your as well at least putting JE pistons in it, ill tell you why:--

I reline the blocks back to standard if you want to retain your original pistons and go for brand new piston rings. I reline because Im then 100 % sure that I have in effect a brand new engine with no ovality in the bores I can then ensure a 100% gastight bottom end. However the cost of this is 100 pounds per cylinder liner = 400 pounds for the whole block.

If you overbore and hone the block to suit JE pistons your looking at a similar price range except you now have the added bonus of better pistons with them being forged, The newly overbored or lined block is then acid rinsed thorughly then degreased. I then clean the main oil galleries out with a huge long pipe cleaner type of brush, the cranks are usually immaculate, I polish them normally and fit graded bearing to the main journals and fit new big end bearings.
Finishing the bottom end off is a new oil pump and timing chain, the rest is easy such as the head I measure each cam shaft main bearing bore with an internal micrometer and if (unusual) the bore is unusually large and outside Nissans Tolerances then you would need to perhaps fit a new head, I have never had problems with cam bearing journals wearing so you should be okay.

Everything can be written down and printed out for you.

The camshafts can be inspected again with the data recorded for you. Again I can do the same with Spring height etc, the downside of all this is 3 things ;-

1) I could do this for labour of 750 pounds but then you only want to spend 1,000, I think you need to budget for at least 2-2.5 K

2) It takes a long toime to measure and inspect everything if you want it blueprinting.

3) Im too busy until August lots of work on

You could always get a bank loan and do it ;)