Which Steel are the valve shims?



anybody here who can tell me which grade of steel the valve shims are?

Is it possible that they are 1.4313 or 1.3343 grade?


Jon Olds

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Sorry not qualified to answer your question, but I my be thinking along the same lines. I know where to get 6mm blank overlength plain shims that I can turn to length. I know this is possible as Ive just done 16 off 7mm ones for another build. The bigger slotted one will need making though.
I have the gear to do this (i think) so I am interested in the answer. An english description of 1.4313 etc would be appreciated also, so I can ask the metal man without looking a prat


dont know if this is of help, but tomei sell/make shims so try asking them? bit of a long shot if no one else appears..


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if your shiming up your valves just use a 6mm hole punch and make your shim's out of a cheap set of feeler gauge's. thats what i have done and several thosand miles later (on track days, sprints, hill climbs) still ok. iirc thats what pulsar bobby uses as well.