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Screenshot_2015-04-08-13-00-11.jpg Screenshot_2015-04-08-13-00-21.jpg Screenshot_2015-04-08-13-00-04.jpg Screenshot_2015-04-08-13-00-54.jpg Screenshot_2015-04-08-13-00-46.jpg So,
last Friday was a very long day for me.
Had car booked in with fusion for a few hours to fit brand new coilovers but had to overhaul and sort my brakes out due to a few issues. Massive thanks to ed, job was a lot longer than expected but kindly stayed on a bank holiday to help me out

Will try to put up a few more photos of this project. The car now runs very well and is coming along nicely

I need to now sort underneath out, as there is no point spending money on the gearbox/engine if the car is going to fall to bits or not last for at least another decade.

Structurally it doesn't look too bad but would ideally like to get the whole underneath shot blasted/rewelded and the rear arches replaced. Then the lot waxoyled.

I have a garage down south (swindon) that maybe able to take on the work, however, my issue is that I wouldn't want somebody pulling the car apart that doesn't understand this car. I would be possibly looking to get a full respray also.

Is there any preferred garage, or someone on this forum that knows or reccommends and individual to complete this work? Time isn't an issue. Plus what is the cost for under taking this work, obviously I know what a ball park figure of a respray will cost but am unsure of the work underneath.

Any information is appreciated.
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Hi mate. I need to go see ed myself soon!

Have a look at my project thread in members cars it will give you an idea of whats likely to be involved.



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Think warpspeed on here does this sort of thing as a job, would be well worth sending him a pm, he's based 'oop north' i think.


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Ok cheers guys.
Kev, your project build thread was fantastic. Shame as I don't have the garage/space/time to attempt something like this.