trouble starting up


got a odd problem where the R doesnt start first thing in morning, well in fact any time of day if you leave it say 12 hours or so without use

it can take 5 -6 turns of key sometimes to start

once it started it runs fine no problem and then when you turn it off an go back say hour later it starts up fine first time!

weird its like the longer you leave it the longer it takes to start?

new things i have had in last few days berfore anyones suggests them

walbro255 pump
4x grade 8 plugs

it has done this since i got it so the above two have not affected anything

i can live with it its just embarrassing if anyones about... :(

any ideas fella's?


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Whats it doing when you try to start it? Is it just making a clunk/clicking noise, is it turning over continuously but not catching etc?



turning over but not catching

then if you pump revs it catches then stutters and afetr a couple of turns it starts

the moment it first starts if you press throttle it hesitates slightly and revs drop...

then 2 secs later it fine and drives excellent


first thing i would check is your dizzy cap, check the segments to the leads havent oxidised over, if they have scrape them clean with a small screwdriver, also check the carbon in there hasnt worn away and the rotor arm!
all these things will give you a problem on a cold start up, as you need a greater spark when engine is cold to ignite mixture!
other possibility is your leads have a poor kv which will give same symptoms, but you will have a set shortly, as they will soon be in post to you!

also spray the inside of the dizzy cap with wd40 or similar as well as outside, and all the electrical connections that you can see, as dampness will also cause a prob
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yeah i was hoping it would be leads, thats why i snapped yours up asap

the one thats one at minute are uprated ones tho?

red colour unsure of make but dont look to bad

i'll try dizzy cap to thanks