To Mesh Or Not To Mesh?, That is the Question


oh, and your front plate can be any shape, size, stuck on..made out of chocolate if you like, it doesn't matter.It's the rear one that had to be bang on.Got told this from work mates (ex-police).



Cheers for the help Guys

I'm gonna go with the mesh coz i live in the countryside, my R gets driven down roads that look more like rally stages than roads. The number plates going on the side of the bumper. Gonna be done on tuesday, will let ya know how i get on.



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Sorry c20ona but, you mates aren't exactly accurate. There are specific guidelines to what is and isn't legal when it comes to numberplate size, layout, spacing and digit size etc.. and it applies to both the front and back plates. See the DVLA website for details. However, with imports we are permitted to what amounts to motorbike size plates etc...

On mine I have had a plate made on the front that just fits the front no plate mount with no overhang so, no decreased air flow. I only have 5 digits on mine though ! This was made by, cough, Carnoiseur.

I wouldn't worry too much about the Polices view though as they very rarely know the full details as to what is and isn't legal with no plates. When it comes to things like that, they are usually clueless, unless they're jobs worths !



checked on the plate thing and it appears police from edinburgh have diferent views as to that of etc have ?.either way, they both don't really give to much of a sh1te to push to get them changed etc so can't moan i suppose.