Strange gearbox issue


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I hope someone can help. My GTi-R has developed a very strange problem. While stopped at a junction I struggled to get the car into 1st or 2nd. However with a bit of playing around it eventually engaged, but then 3rd gear started to make a clicking noise. I turned the car around to return home and 3rd was quiet again but 4th the started clicking!

Back in the work car park I now cant engage 1st or 2nd and 4th makes a clicking noise.

With the engine off I cant engage 1st or 2nd.

Any ideas - I guess its gearbox out all the same?


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My first guess would have been the clutch, but if you can't select any gears with the engine off it's not that.

I also think it's time to take the box out and inspect it. - Hopefully nothing too serious, but if there's bits floating around in it the longer you leave it the more damage they do.


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OK - box split and removed. It looks like the spring inserts that are fitted to the 5th/ reverse syncro had broken and fallen down through 4th gear. Obviously 4th gear has broken some teeth and the box needs to be changed. I guess the positive is that the gerbox did not break because of power etc etc...