Steering Rack


Noticed my steering getting heavier and heavier and the steering wheel wants to spring back to centre more.

It can only be the steering rack and pump I guess, giving less assistance.

Is it best to get these reconditioned or buy new/used ones?

Are there any rack upgrades (apart from bushes)?




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I don't think so. - I'd start by taking a look at the resevoir to see if it's not just run-out of fluid, then looking at the rack to see if there's a reason the fluid has gone... then the pump etc.

Not on the R, but I've had a slow leak in the rack; it was fine if you kept an eye on the fluid level, but you knew when you'd let it get too low. - In that case it was just the seal on one end of the rack; Toyota wanted ~$10 for the parts and ~$800 for the labour so I left it.


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yeah check the fluid, would of though if steering heavy, no fluid

my pump was making a whining noise but there seemed fluid in the reservoir, but i managed to put half litre in there! dosent seem to get completely empty!


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I think Martyn said it was cheaper to just ditch the rack and replace it than have it recon'd. - I'm sure someone (Bracpan maybe) just swapped one over.