std and eagle rods

hi guys..
how much power support std connecting rods?

it is possible install sr20det eagle rods from 200sx?

R connecting rod bearings are 19mm and 200sx are 17mm

if,I install 200sx rods,I istall 17mm or 19mm bearings?
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been covered many times and its in a sticky aswell
rods will fit and u use the 17mm bearing some say its a bodge but it works and i bet alot of gtirs that have been rebuilt in uk by people like norris are using the 17mm bearing in the standard rods as they are teh ones that nissna have on shelf etc

standard rods have never really been tested for strength but ive used totaly stock rods and bolts at 460bhp with no problems but id recomend rod bolts if building an engine

the eagles will take 600plus with no issues
"EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin (available at $45 per rod)"

what is this in description about pauter rods?

it is necessary?


Pauters are available in 19mm (less pressure on bearing and why is it Nissan used 19mm width originally?)

The pauters I used are so enormous that the block needed pocketing. They're lighter than OE still though and come with uprated bolts which saves a little on buying ARP items.

Eric sells them.


I don't mean to thread jack, but this sort of pretains to the subject: has anyone cryo treated the stock rods to strengthen them up? I was thinking of doing that when I rebuild and seeing how it goes.

Other then that, the Pauter rods from what I've read seems to be the best (and one of the few that comes in our size, 19mm). As for the std. rods, everyone tells me they should hold up to about 500bhp. And then you have the fact that there are not many stories about rods breaking. Just make sure you have good bolts in there.