standard rod bolts

luke s

Iv just found out my engine has been fitted with standard rod bolts, it was rebuilt 8 years ago and has receipt of ARP rod bolts but look standard, what power can rod bolts take?

johnny gtir

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This dose not answer your question and it's not ment to sound funny but probably as much as you could put through a engine that was built 8 year ago. General rule of thumb it's the old 400-450 range where people fit them. I would personally fit them on any new engine been built. What is the spec of the engine are the rods standard?
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luke s

At the moment it's being rebuilt with 1.5mm cosworth hg, it has forged pistons but will have new rings, standard rods,New rod bearings, ported and polished head, New oil and water pumps and has a hybrid turbo

fubar andy

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Just install ARP rod bolts regardless. Peace of mind and logical while it's been rebuilt.