standard conrods with arp fastness


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i wouldnt rev much higher than 7,500rpm on the stock rods with arp bolts tbh, these are very heavy best upgrading to pauters or some other lightweight steel rod. Dont get me wrong the standard rods are strong so lbft wont be a problem but they wont last long at high rpm.


i know they are heavy what kills the rods ? would they bend or break? why use arp bolts if the rpm is 7500?standard car rev limiter is 7500 or is it 7200 so whts the point of having arp bolts dont get me wrong just like to know more info .


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revs will kill rods as u say they will bend then at high rpm, the reason to upgrade the rod bolts is because the bolts are the weakest part of the rod, if your increasing engine power or rebuilding then its a wise move to uprate the bolts if only for peace of mind.

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Standard nissan rod bolts are stretch bolts....i.e use once and throw away, hence why anyone with any savvy changes them,people have over reved to 8800rpm on standard rod's and have gone to 8000rpm on regular basis with shot peened and xrayed, who knows how long they will last as they are strong buggers