Standard Con Rods


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Im just wondering what is max power what can the standard rods take.
I have a forged engine but i think my rods are standard.

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They can easily take over 400bhp. I think I've seen americans rate them at over 500bhp, but at that level it might be daft leaving them in if you've done all the other work to get that power level.


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Anyways .....whoever seen the standard rods....can clearly state that they are twice as big as some normal rods


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There a fair bit bigger than my old 2 stroke crossers rod, that must mean they can take 1000hp going on that rule of thumb....:p


Standard SR rods can take some real powe and hard uses. We uses stock rods in most the drift cars we build due to owners not having the money to spend on steel rods and these cars are put under hard load and always revved hard.

Like Danny has already said if you have the rod check and uses ARP bolts they will take a lot of power.