Roy's GTiR For Sale - Reduced to £4000 SOLD

Roy Archer

Sold my house today and may need to free up some cash so just seeing if there is any interest.

UK Car
MOT April 2006
12 Months tax
Cat 1 Alarm and Immob (with certificate)
Lower engine rebuild & gearbox rebuild
Apexi S-AFC
Blitz ECU
Group A fuel pump (Norris)
Leda Coilovers
Brand new Eibach springs (less than 50 miles old)
Willwood brakes (pads less than 200 miles old)
New standard rear disks and pads (less than 200 miles old)
Goodridge braided brakes lines
Boost controller (located in the glove box)
AP clutch
HKS Metal Head gasket
Blitz Turbo timer
Oil Cooler (Norris)
Iridium spark plugs (200 miles old)
Blitz airfilter
Blitz exhaust temp gauge
Mongoose exhaust
Phantom boost gauge
Magnecor ignition leads
Sard fuel regulator
Samco hoses
Recent service (200 miles ago)
CD player
Front & Rear strut brace
When i purchased the car the guy said it has got forged pistons, i have spoken to a few people who have seen the car and they say it sounds like they are (not sure if you can tell by the sound)

And some other stuff I cant remember

There are loads of reciepts for all the above. Car has a little rust on the arches and i have been quoted £200 to do the job. Bost currently set at 1.0 bar and 1.3 bar.


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Roy Archer

now found somewhere to live so i am selling, looking for around £4800
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the car market is a joke people just dont want to pay the cash,even the pulsar running big power 400bhp are only going for peanuts.anyways nice looking RRR mate

Roy Archer

come on guys this is a bloody nice car and i dont think im asking too much money! Im not over keen on putting on ebay some i can have some chav comes round go out for a free ride then bugger off because he aint even got a job.

Dooie Pop Pop

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they are waiting for you to get desperate and drop the price like all the others do;-) i hope your advertising elsewhere as well....

Roy Archer

only other place its advertised at the mo is the other forum, but i suppose ebay and autotrader are calling
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Dooie Pop Pop

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and the exchange and mart ect ....i would mate.

looked in this months in j-tuner and there' s not a singe pulsar for sale in there;-)

ask for a £1000 cash deposit for test drives/valid insurance that soon puts em off:D

good luck anyway fella.


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yeah try to hold onto it for me next :p Nah only joking Roy i would have it but dont have the dollar yet. Hope u sell it soon to someone sensible not like poor old forge 400's motor , brought and trashed within a month WHAT A TRADEGY!!!!

Roy Archer

what a waste of a nice 'R', another one bites the dust. I think that was a UK one aswell, therefore mine is another collectors edition as they become more and more rare

Roy Archer

** REDUCED TO £4000 **

If the car is sold efore the end of November (insurance due) i will let the car go for £4000 NO OFFERS. I think £4k is a very good price for the spec of the car