Rear caliper options


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I have searched and read on here but can't find a definitive answer.

My original rear GTiR calipers are pretty much knackered and I doubt they're doing much if anything at all. I'd imagine the wilwoods on the front are doing 90% of it. With that, does anyone know if there are any off the shelf options or trodden paths that I may have missed in the search on here? Plenty about rear discs but not much on what caliper options for the rear. I'm not really interested in going down the Sentra route and the like.

I'd like to get single pot wilwoods for the rear to match the front but can't seem to find any for the GTiR, only fronts.

If any of you have done this already and have some recommendations please let me know.

EDIT: further reading it seems evo 3 callipers fit with a bit of persuasion but they’re too old.

is it just a case of buying some calipers for the rear and making them fit?
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hey mate
someone here has a talking for rear calipers geogle it
i think from primera something but i am not sure on this
is bolt on but need to fit upside up the left one or rigth and the rigth on left


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As it happens, i may have sourced a company that sells original rear calipers for the GTIR. i'm going to find out today if this is true and if they're in stock. i'll report back just incase anyone else is interested for knowledge's sake.


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No. No they don't. They lied. But they do refurb them for £85 each so that's what i've gone for. i'll put up some pics on my build thread when its done. In 2 weeks.