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Im starting to fit bits on the pulsar ive had lying around, one of which is a whiteline ARB for the rear. I got the old one off, and noticed the drop links were in a bad way. so bought a set of new rears from here about a year ago, but when I tried to put them on they are longer (approx 7" vs 5.5" for the old) and this means the ARB would touch the exhaust so they are too long.

A few google searches shows I seem to have the right part number (j4891027) but something isnt right. Have I put the bar on wrong, or do I need some of the shorter drop links. If so whats the part number of those / wheres good to get them. The cars lowered approx 30mm

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Are they standard struts? - I think this is a common problem, but I can't remember what the solution is; do you need Whiteline specific droplinks?
Yeah standard struts, Koni inserts, and unknown lowering springs. The links I had were off a std ARB, but they are not standard length.

I can see whiteline links for fronts listed, but not rears?

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Standard rear droplinks fit the whiteline arb, if the arb is upside down there will be an issue. or has someone fitted the front links on the rear?


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Maybe that's the common problem I'm thinking of; they're often installed upside down... because people instinctively put the sticker the right way up (or something like that)?
The ends of the ARB should hang down about the same level as the bottom control arm which is what I went with this morning?

Thanks for the help so far. Ive worked out the old rear ARB was installed upside down, which is why it had what I assume are front drop links on it and the picture I was trying to copy!

I flipped the whiteline bar but with no luck. One way round the moddle of the ARB wants to whack my rear box (std), the other it wants to whack the elbow just before the rear box.

Do they fit ok with std rear boxes?

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check the drop links are genuine nissan ,i got some none genuine that were longer and wouldn`t fit genuine ones fit on mine fit ok on a whiteline arb with lowered suspension,
Can anyone tell me approx how long the nissan links are? I know the pattern ones would be fine if I didnt have a std back box, but I do