Project Shit Box (2021)


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I gave them a ring last week, but they said they couldn't help me!
Might try them again just in case.

I have got Performance Silicone Hoses Ltd looking at tooling the two pipes for me.
Hopefully they can sort it out, or worse case I'll drop those pipes off to them later this week to hopfully cobble something together!

I saw a kit from China on Ebay, but I'm not 100% its worth the risk, but if I'm struggling, I might have to grab that kit if it can be delivered on time!

Denso 720cc
Blimey, times are tough to be a GTIR owner if you want any bits. i am a bit of a hoarder for parts for this very reason. Thin on the ground.

fubar andy

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I have an engine in the engine bay! :sunglasses:


Overall it was a pretty incident free day.

Couple of small issues with a few parts/items that needed replacing, plus remembering where parts went/fitted, but really.... it went in without too much hassle. :fearscream:


One thing that did happen was when clearing space in the garage, is I found my alternator hiding in a random box with a whole bunch of bolts etc I've been missing and a gearbox mount too.

I'd not seen then for about 5 years and suddenly I found them hiding in a box, where I'd never thought I have put them.
Either way, they are all now installed and due to the mods to my inlet plenum, I can get to it easier if I need to get it refubished.


Engine going in!





So, the engine is in, however there is a lot more to do...

I've still got to torque up the driveshafts, ARB's, exhaust and find a few electrical plugs some homes.

Massive thanks to @campbellju who also helped getting the engine in, very much appreciated.

Next, I need to order a replacement turbo for the car with a new inline oil filter and get that all plumbed in, bolt in the items listed above and charge up my battery to see what electrical issues/gremlins I'll have and once all those items are sorted, I can look at starting it up and prep it for an MOT and back on the road for 2025!

fubar andy

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I may have bought a new turbo....

GTX2876 (.86) Gen2

Massive shout to Owen Developments who did me a deal on it.

I've had a few other quotes, but the nice lady gave me a price I could not ignore and stuffed it on my credit card...