Oil Starvation


How realisitc is it to say that the big ends would go on our cars due to hard conering?

My big ends have went and im wondering if I should buy a baffled sump to stop this happening again, If anyone has any info on baffled sump could the please tell, prices etc?

Also how fast would you think you would have to be going round a corner for this to happen ?

Regards Marc


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i think failure would normally be caused by a faulty oil pump in our case the sump is too small for surge on cornering i think


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its a very common fault on the gtir also the ca18s in the 200sx suffer aswell
just general engine wear i suppose maybe lack of oil changes
very hard cornering could have caused it but the pressure would have dropped on the gauge i would have thought


I would think if you have the correct oil level that surging wouldn't really be a problem, I've done loads of track days and never had a problem.

Also there's not really enough room to do a baffled sump on the gtir, I suppose it could be done but there's no off the shelf baffled sumps to be bought for our car :cry: .