oil leak



ok i have a problem got my gti-r on friday and its developed a oil leak i was lookin at it and it seem be be comin from a gasket or somethin on the bottom of the engine not the engine to gearbox gasket but on the other side :( what is it and how much will it cost :(


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fozzy200sx said:
now be nice matty :p. tsk these bloody old datsuns eh :(
im sure it wont be that expensive just need to find out whats causing the leak

also if its engine oil, how much is left in the actual engine? didnt drain out and youve been driving with it like that?

datsuns are ok, just bought me a GTR so cant say i dont like em :lol:


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Try and clean as much of the oil off the engine as possible then run it and see if you can see any visible leaks etc. You may be able to trace it. Remember the oil leak will come from the highest patch unless of course its being flicked about by moving parts i.e. drive shafts etc.

Smell the oil and see if you can tell if it is gearbox or engine or diff oil, that way you can narrow your search down quite alot.

Ant. :wink: