Nistune or not?


So, I have a pretty much standard set up (stock internals, ecu, injectors, turbo) with an uprated fuel pump, a boost controller...

I'm think of getting a nistune daughter board to squeeze a few more horses and maybe a better map out of it.

My questions are;
Is it worth it to get one?
Would it have to be tuned/mapped?
Is the base map reliable for more power and as a daily driver?
If it has to be tuned/mapped, can I do it myself? (I live in the Caribbean so tuners aren't easily accessible unless one of u guys plan on taking a vacation :lol: )

Fast Guy

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Speak to Ed at Fusion Motorsport. HE might be able to supply you a board/ecu with a pretty reliable base map for your spec.


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If you buy the software and licence you can map it yourself; it shouldn't be as hard with standard components.

Getting a good base map and tweaking it seems like a good suggestion. You'll have higher ambient temperature to work with for example.